Business today is a street fight you can't afford to lose.


BSF Consulting serves battle-scarred business leaders who are highly motivated to maximize the value of their businesses.

Your Problem

You're Frustrated!

You know you can do more, achieve more, succeed more, and you want to optimize your business. You've read about, seen, or even talked to other business leaders who are achieving their dreams. And you intend to be that person who achieves their potential, is highly productive and effective, and experiences true joy. Your question is HOW?

You're Making Progress!

Enhance the leadership skills necessary to guide your organization forward to new levels of achievement. Compare your leadership profile to the best in business today. Magnify your personal strengths and eliminate your vulnerabilities.

You're Focused!

You're hitting or exceeding your revenue goals; increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your business processes and people; eliminating costs; and staying in compliance.

About Us

My team

I have a group of world-class business advisors I've cultivated over the years who are available to bring strategic insight, guidance, and direction to my clients. The team includes leaders of world-class companies who love helping others succeed.

Keith J. Cunningham and Jim Castiglia – 2012 Board of Directors Training, Austin, TX

My history

I'm an avid student who entered the training industry 40 years ago. Our small team went on to build a California state-wide personal and professional development company and 13 years later, we had 110 employees and over 560 volunteers, with $27 million in sales revenue. As a senior trainer I led over 3,000 workshops attended by over 150,000 people and performed more than 27,000 one-to-one problem-solving interactions. 

After leaving this firm, I went on to work for three international management consulting companies, always looking for ways to expand my capabilities. I've been mentored by some of the finest business minds including Keith J. Cunningham (wearing the black shirt in the photo at right) - the real Rich Dad; marketing guru Jay Abraham, and Chet Holmes - author of The Ultimate Sales Machine. And I've had my own coaching business since 1994.

My mission

My mission is to help battle-scarred business leaders achieve their dreams and take their companies to the next level of growth as effectively as possible.


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